Starting may seem difficult

2 years ago

I have had to struggle with launching this personal project. I went through instances when I second-guessed myself and being a programmer, I would miraculously discover a new modification or functionality that was going to be crucial.

I know that nothing is perfect. I had studied other people’s projects and for sure I could point out areas that they would have made them function better. I was trying a perfectionist.

I remember one time I sat and worked through the night so that I could complete “that last bit” only to remain in an endless “even better” modification loop the next day. I couldn’t get myself to start, I just couldn’t!

I came across Mel Robbin’s “Five Second Rule”. I then counted 5-4-3-2-1-GO and pushed myself to start. I started! Yeey! I launched this portfolio website: I know it’s not perfect but what matters is that I made that first step. I am working on improving it each day