About Me

A highly skilled professional, Nick Nderi is a passionate and experienced web designer, developer. 

I am an experienced web developer with more than 10 years in IT industry. Most of these years have been spent creating websites and web apps that have made my clients very happy. I take all my projects seriously and involve all my clients in the work. I always break down my work so that the client understands everything I am doing and is happy to be involved.

All my projects are done in PHP/MYSQL, Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/Jquery. I have also recently started doing small projects in Python with an intention of gaining more experience so that I can be able to take up even larger projects.

Additionally, I take up projects requiring Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Business Development as well.

When I am not coding, I like to do graphic design. I could be editing some images on Adobe Photoshop, creating logos on Adobe Illustrator, putting together a video on Adobe Premier, creating some visual effects on Adobe After Effects or even creating an amazing sound track on Adobe Audition.